1998 – Bermuda during a Trans-Atlantic Crossing without the yacht’s helicopter – Enjoying the day off!

After crossing the Atlantic Ocean almost 25 years ago aboard the mega-yacht made famous by the Hollywood Blockbuster films "Overboard" and "lndecent Proposal"... and then going on to commission and captain dozens of multi-million dollar yachts since then... author and former private yacht captain, Kevin St. Clair gives you several, little-known industry secrets... which are proven to help you save a little ... or a lot... while owning your yacht. Dear Fellow Boater, For more than two decades... I've had the opportunity to manage hundreds of yacht haul-outs and various shipyard projects all over the world. My #1 goal was (and still is) always to protect the owner's bank account. The goal of most shipyards is no different than that of most businesses and that make money. Your goal of course save money (while not sacrificing quality work). As I type this to you...I just watched Jeff Bezos's support ship go down the New River here in Fort Lauderdale. The shipyards here watched it happen, too. They're say the least. Mr. Bezos' support ship is a 150' megayacht. The yacht that it "supports" is the largest sailing yacht in the world... the S/Y "KORU" and she's currently docked just a few blocks away. Pro Tip: Before assuming your vessel needs to visit a shipyard for service or repairs... text me: 954-652-9539 Yes, that's my personal phone number. My clients include some of the world's most successful people who seem to love how easily they can reach me. Text me your name, location & your question/issue, etc. and I'll respond to you. Saving yacht owners money is my superpower. :-) PINCH YOUR PENNIES AT THE PUMP  As I write this to you, marine diesel now costs $5gal. in some parts of the USA. There's never been a more important time to learn how to negotiate your purchase of fuel. Here's a tip: Before filling around to your local fuel docks and ask... "How much is your price of fuel per gallon today?" When they tell you how much one gallon costs, ask... "How about if I buy 100 gallons?" You may receive a discount at this point. Next, ask "How about if I buy 250 gallons?" Then, "How much, if I buy 500 gallons?" Do you see where I'm going with this? You may find that simply trying this one new approach may give you discounts at different amounts... especially if you're considering buying l00's or l000's of gallons of fuel.   An Ounce of Prevention = A Pound of Cure Note: If you want or need any of these items below done for you, send me a text message. I may be able to help save you both time and money. M: 954-652-9539 I can't always answer calls because I'm often assisting another client. Because of simple text from you should work best for coordinating our phone call together. May I ask one favor from you? Once we're in touch with each other... please respect my time. If you do this one have my word that I will respect yours. Deal? Good talk. ;-) Now...let's move on... Here are some routine habits that, if practiced often, may save you a small fortune in repairs... while at the same time...maintaining the value of your vessel. Keep your thru-hull fittings in order by working your valve handles weekly. If it's been a while since you've worked them, consider having your vessel hauled-out beforehand. PLEASE READ THAT AGAIN. You're reading this from a guy who's been on & around superyachts for 27 years. I've seen people make mistakes that you don't want to happen to you. Depending on how much time & salt erosion have taken their toll on your valve handles... this is the point in time where you can either make your own decision... or have an insured professional come do it for you. If in doubt...haul it out. If your yacht is over 40'-50' loa...just touch base with me beforehand because I may be able to give you a few money-saving tips at this point. Next... Clean your sea strainer baskets weekly. Allowing them to fill up with sediment reduces the amount of water flow needed to cool things. Things like your: - Main engines - Generators - Air Conditioning Raw Water Pump - Watermaker has sea strainers that must remain free of debris. *NOTE: Be sure you're thru-hull fitting for each one of these is CLOSED before you attempt to open the sea strainer housing. Air Conditioning Rinse off the air filters attached to each air handler throughout your vessel... each week, or each month, depending on your amount of foot traffic. This will allow each unit to breathe and function properly *Note - Allow each filter to dry before placing it back onto the air handlers. Machinery Change the fluid and filters at the recommended intervals on your: ►Main Engine◄ Oil Fluid & Filters Primary and Secondary Fuel Filters ►Generators◄ Oil Fluid & Filters Primary and Secondary Fuel Filters ►Transmission◄ * Check your manufacturer-recommended care for this Most of the costly repairs onboard your yacht can be minimized (or avoided entirely)... by simply getting into a weekly routine of doing the above part of your vessel's routine maintenance. I've seen yacht owners lose hundreds of thousands, of dollars in the value of their yachts in just 2-3 years... because they refused to do these items. It's common because as you gets busy! It's OK...I'm here to help you now. If you take care of your yacht, when it comes time for you to move onto your next one... your yacht will take care of you. :- J Engine Room Cosmetics Clean and paint your motors and generators Clean and paint your bilge compartments Place oil absorb squares under each piece of machinery including: - Main Engines - Generators - Transmissions - Stabilizer Posts - Bow & Stern thruster hydraulic units. Why do I recommend you to do this? Because when you have a leak, you will quickly discover it... determine what color the fluid is... and be able to find the source of the leak...before it's too late. If you don't do this... you may be facing costly reapir bills instead of addressing smaller, service items now. Also, the buyer who hires a surveyor for your boat one day... will probably find every one of these leaks... and it can (and will) be used against you at the negotiating table. An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure... especially on a yacht! Love Your Bottom Clean your bottom at least once every two months. Have a diver also inspect your running gear, cutlass bearings, zincs, rudder posts, shafts, and propellers while performing this service for you. If you want underwater video footage of your bottom... and you're located in South Florida...just ask. M: 954-652-9539 Exterior Cosmetic Maintenance Have your boat washed-down once per week to maintain the exterior cosmetics. This is the bare minimum if you want to help fight against the damaging effects of the sun, salt air, and other outside elements. Wax your stainless...address the sources of exterior rust. The list goes on. You probably already know these things. However, my mother raised her boys with some 'tough love' and now... you get to enjoy it along with my current clients who seem to love it. ;-) Hint: If you'd like a hand with removing some of these tasks from your schedule, get in touch. I'll see what I can do for you. M: 954-652-9539 How To Generate Revenue With Your Yacht Consider Making Your Yacht Available for Charters Just a few years ago, if you owned a yacht (and you weren't using it)... your boat sat idle in a marina... acting like a financial bilge pump... and sucking money from your bank account...on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You paid your dockage, insurance, and both service & repair costs... and you lived with the pain of ownership. This was one of the hardest pills to swallow as a boat owner...and probably where the term "Break Out Another Thousand" originated. Now...your boat may have the potential to generate revenue... from multiple income streams... instead of just sucking your bank account dry. Take advantage of my quarter-century worth of experience (and industry contacts).... and put these to work for you. Helping boat owners like you, lower the cost of ownership is something I've been doing most of my life. AirBnB As you're well aware, the rise of demand for short-term overnight & vacation rentals... has skyrocketed over the past several years. Companies like and are booming at the time of writing this to you. One of my clients owns a 70' Yacht and collects $700 per night when the yacht gets booked. The best part never leaves the dock. Be sure to check into your local restrictions on doing this. Consider Making Your Vessel Available for Charters Q: What is a "Charter?" A: A Charter is simply renting a yacht and it's captain/crew for one or more days. I have clients who own entire fleets of yachts and they're all available for charters. This can be a profitable endeavor...if its done properly. For example: You can create charter packages for: Day Charters Weekend Charters 5 or 7-Day Charters and even longer. If you want to learn more about how to make your boat available for charters, email my team at: lnfo@RentMyDock.Space with the word "Charter" in the subject line. Search for Alternative Places to Dock Your Yacht Boat sales skyrocketed over the past two years and as a result... marinas nationwide began reaching capacity. Now, in 2023... most of them are ABOVE capacity... with some having a years-long waiting list! Of course, this has caused most of them to raise their dockage rates. You'll soon be seeing more, private dock space and boat slips available for rent on RentMyDock.Space. Send us an email if you'd like to be placed on our notification list. Until next time... Happy Boating! Fair winds and following seas, Kevin St. Clair Former Private Yacht Captain RentMyDock.Space Email: Info@RentMyDock.Space "A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor." - Unknown

1998 Kevin St. Clair (left) aboard the 150′ megayacht made famous in two Hollywood Blockbuster films. Transiting the Strait of Gibraltar after completing a Trans-Atlantic Crossing from Norfolk, Virginia, USA. Africa (Morocco) is in the background. 

2002 – Kevin St. Clair (left) – First yacht captain position aboard the 76′ Horizon motoryacht “Tina Marie” on Palm Island, in Miami Beach, Florida. 

2004 – Kevin St. Clair was hired as project manager by owner of this new build 105′ Custom motoryacht  in Taiwan. Pic taken in Atlantis Marina, Bahamas after completion and arrival to USA.